Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection

Micros Chip Labels: Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection – Super thin (10um) polymer labels for OEM Authentication and Brand Protection

Additionally, the security and branding labels can be directly printed onto paper, polymer, or other surfaces and therefore do not require adhesive and cannot be repurposed.  We can supply a printed enabled substrate in roll format, and you can add your own overt or covert features.  Optionally, you can license the proprietary printing process to create these labels in your own facility.

What does your application require?

Removable – Permanent – QC Code – Hologram – RFID Tag – Serial Number – Self-destructing

Based on your security strategy and branding image, our labels can be adhesive-backed for removal by the consumer after purchase and validation, or it can be crafted as a permanent label that gives added brand cachet and OEM product validation.

Our labels can be customized with different sizes, shapes, colors, and thickness to meet your specific branding requirements. Global brands have begun to deploy these overt and covert solutions in fashion, high-tech, and industrial products.

We can custom-design a label solution for your company's specific application...

Whether the label is applied to clothing, currency, luxury goods, or pharmaceutical packaging, we can work with your design team to create a label that provides both brand protection and product branding.